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Marble from Greece


Since ancient times natural stone (marble, granite, limestone, travertine) has been the finest building material and Greece one of the most important marble producing countries.

Living in a country literaly built upon foundations of marble, greek people learned early how to use marble into statues and architectural master-pieces which stand until today. For example, the Parthenon, built of Pentelikon white marble from Greece, is the greek symbol, now and ever. Also words as marble, marmor, mramor, marmol… all derive from the ancient greek word «μάρμαρο» (marmaro), which means “shining stone”.

Although Greece is small in size, it contains large deposits-quarries and wide colour variety of marble. Time after time, marble from Greece start gaining acceptance and popularity allover the world.

Topalidis Marble & Granite is quarries owner, producer and exporter of quality marble from Greece. Our stone production (marble, granite, limestone, travertine) includes quarries blocks, slabs, tiles, cut-to-size and special sizes according to our customers' specifications. Our stones are processed with the most updated machines and offered in almost all available finishes: unpolished, polished, honed, sawn, sand blasted, flamed…

Determination, sincerity, credibility, mutual appreciation, high standards, a lot of effort and hard work are only a few factors which contributed to ascend to the top of greek marble suppliers and to be considered as an estimable stone company allover the world. Day by day, more and more people around the world experience the beauty of our stone selection which includes different quality marble from Greece: white (Thassos, Ariston, Sivec, Pighes, Volakas, Ajax, Nestos), semi white (Kavala, Aghia Marina), green (Tinos, Veria), pink (Pilion), beige, black, etc. Other stones are imported marble & granite: Arabescato, Carrara White, Botticino, Statuario, Perlato Svevo, Crema Marfil, Rosso Alicante, Emperador, Gallala, Sivec white, Vratza Beige Limestone…

Topalidis Marble & Granite has great capacity, experience and detailed knowledge of the Greek marble industry. Although we are a supplier of almost any type of marble from Greece we are specializing in hellenic white marble. We can offer excellent service, as we control our stone in every stage: from own quarries and processing to packaging arrangements and transportation, in order to insure proper quality, safe loading and on time delivery of the marble.

We believe that to serve our customers no task is too big, no detail too small.

Topalidis S.A. Marble & Granite
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